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Buying a home can be a stressful endeavor if you aren’t working with the right team. At CA Real Estate Co., we want to help you, by guiding you and walking you through the process step by step to make your home purchase an enjoyable experience.

Here Are Some Tips for a Successful House Hunt:



Selling your Property with Ca Real Estate Co. is a seamless process, where we take all the necessary steps to make sure everything is done efficiently and without any hassle on your part. Before listing your property, it’s a good idea to sit down and clarify your motivations and create a basic time frame for the selling process. Deciding what your needs are will make it easier to determine the approach we will take for your specified real estate goals.

Once you’ve committed to selling your property, you should take a few actions that would make it more convenient for you when it comes time to show your home and move out….


Start Packing

It’s never too early to start going through your belongings and decide what you want to keep and what you would like to donate or sell. When it’s time to move, it will be so much easier for you to pack up when you don’t have to try to figure out what’s a keeper and what isn’t. Boxing up your items will also make your space look larger and neater when it’s time to show your home.


Clear Away the Clutter

When you visit a successful open house or model home that has been staged, what you usually see is organized clutter-free rooms that people can envision themselves making a home in. You rarely see bills lying around the table, dishes in the sink, or toys and clothes all over the floors. Once your home is on the market, you’ll need to keep it as neat as possible, to ensure that potential buyers are seeing it at its best.

Home Valuation

Home Valuation

If you plan on selling your home, we can help you determine what the asking price should be based on comps in your area, and other factors such as upgrades that may have been done and the maintenance of your home. If you plan on buying another home, an important decision to make is whether to sell your home first or make an offer on a new home before putting yours on the market. We can inform you how fast homes are selling in your market and help you estimate how long it will take you to find a home, based on this and other information we will provide for you, you will be able to decide on which option is best for you.



At CA Real Estate Co, we have a mortgage lender that can help you with all your financial questions and get you pre-qualified for a loan. This ability to buy a home depends on your financing. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or would like to sell your current home and purchase another, it is important to speak to a lender to find out what your options are and what you may qualify for.


When purchasing a home, it is key to stay within your price range and consider added expenses such as taxes, homeowner’s association fees, maintenance, etc. To help ensure you qualify for the maximum amount, you should take a few steps to improve your financial standing:

It should be a priority to clean up your credit. Pull those reports, see if there is anything that may make the process difficult. Any past dues? Judgments? Call the creditors and work out a deal. The key to getting a good mortgage rate is creditworthiness.

Make sure you have filed your taxes. Mortgage companies will need your last 2 and sometimes 3 years of tax returns so pull that together.


Property Management

We offer Property Management for Real Estate Properties. We streamline the process for you and ensure that your property is rented out to qualified and background-checked individuals. We take care of all your property’s needs, from finding the renter, taking care of any maintenance issues, and collecting rent. We are available to you and your tenant around the clock to ensure that all issues are taken care of in a timely manner.



CA Real Estate Co. offers Notary Services for any of your notarial needs. Our Notary Public is a Certified Signing Specialist and a National Notary Association Member who is background checked and thoroughly vetted. Our notary is also willing to travel to your location if it is more convenient for you.

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